Universal Protocols (Uni Pros) are systems of interaction to eliminate crisis situations for learners who engage in severe problem behavior. Uni Pros are to be used prior to skill-based treatment (SBT) or outside of sessions in which SBT is being implemented. They are designed collaboratively with staff members to meet the organization’s unique needs.

Uni Pros emphasize safety and dignity for clients and staff, and they are designed to improve client-staff rapport. Uni Pros are also designed with the assumption that people receiving specialized services have experienced multiple adverse events and/or repeated stressful situations that are to be considered for staff to develop trusting and productive relationships.

The goals of the protocols are to (a) increase joy for clients—that is, to increase the extent to which clients are happy, relaxed, and engaged throughout the day, (b) prevent escalation to severe problem behavior by removing events/interactions that commonly evoke problem behavior and by reinforcing the precursors to severe problem behavior, (c) teach clients that staff are not adversarial but rather are there for them, and (d) to increase staff job satisfaction.

Universal Protocol Development and Staff Training: Increasing Safety, Dignity, and Joy

  • Program staff implement Universal Protocols with integrity across repeated observations
  • Reduction in restraint and seclusion
  • Reduction in staff and client injury
  • Reduction in incident reports
  • Increase in quarterly client Behavioral Health Index scores
  • Increase in staff and client satisfaction
FTF's Universal Protocols Consultation and Training Package

At FTF, we train professionals and caregivers in designing and implementing Universal Protocols.

The content and duration of the consultation is flexible and can be tailored to each organization’s needs.

The consultation package includes:

  1. Training
  2. Synchronous Assessment Design and Implementation Support
  3. Asynchronous Treatment Design and Implementation Support

The first step a training consists of an interactive lecture on the Universal Protocol approach delivered via zoom or through an on-site workshop.

The second step is process design and implementation support. FTF Consultants guide the process by collaboratively designing the Uni Pros with the organization. FTF consultants then provide synchronous consultation while professionals implement the Uni Pros to provide feedback on the integrity of implementation.

The third step FTF consultants then provide asynchronous consultation as the organization scales up the implementation of Uni Pros.

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