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Three-Step Process

At FTF, We build capacity in others to implement an efficient model of assessment and treatment within a three-step process:

  1. Training
  2. Synchronous Process Design and Analysis Implementation Support
  3. Asynchronous Treatment Implementation Support

The first step is training and is usually completed via an on-demand course or sometimes an interactive synchronous workshop.

The second step is process design and implementation support. FTF Consultants guide the process of designing both the analysis and treatment process for three children or clients served by the organization. FTF consultants then provide synchronous consultation while professionals implement the analysis. A period of reflection is then scheduled to discuss that which was learned and to plan the treatment from the analysis results.  The treatment process is then outlined for each client and treatment is often initiated on this day.

The third step involves weekly consultative support via Zoom videoconferencing. Through evaluation of uploaded videos, data sheets, and graphs, an FTF Consultant supports the host organization’s personnel in progressing the treatment until critical social skills are developed under the conditions that used to occasion severe problem behavior. Support often continues until treatment is extended to relevant people and contexts and a socially meaningful impact is achieved.



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