Hobbs, New Mexico

Tammie Teague is the Director of Autism Services at the Guidance Center of Lea County (GCLC), a company in Hobbs, NM. GCLA consistently strives to be a premier employer that provides exemplary trauma-assumed care to all in need of services, and its values are very much in line with FTFs. It is here where Tammie provides ABA therapy for children aged 12 months to kindergarten and focused treatment for clients with severe problem behaviors up to the age of 8.

“Working in a rural area of New Mexico, there are few resources for collaborating or learning with other BCBAs. I first became interested in Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT) by watching Dr. Hanley’s videos and reading his articles. The ideas, concepts, and strategies intrigued me, and I was eager to learn more. 2019 I enrolled in a 16-hour implementation course with Dr. Holly Gover. During this period, I received support on designing and implementing the PFA and early stages of SBT. This initial experience would shape how our clinic worked with all our clients and, most significantly, how we supported clients and families with children who engaged in severe problem behavior. 

In 2021, my colleagues and I signed up for a consultation with Dr. Kelsey Ruppel to expand our knowledge and experience with implementing PFA and SBT. We knew we still had so much to learn. Shortly after, we provided our clinical staff with the opportunity to receive training from Dr. Ruppel on other relevant processes. For the next two years, our clinical team expanded their PFA-SBT skills, brought joy and safety to our organization by rolling out the Universal Protocol, and treated emerging problem behavior via the Balance Program. Our team is passionate about providing trauma-assumed care to our clients, making our clinic a happy and fun place for our staff and clients. We currently have two BCBAs holding level 6 credentials and one BCaBA, and three RBTs holding level 4 credentials.”

















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