Level 6 credentialing means that you can independently design and provide supervision (indirect support) of process implementation including treatment extensions.

We provide a variety of multiple exemplar training models for solo practitioners or organizations pursuing consultative support of the implementation of PFA and SBT of severe problem behavior. To be eligible to sign up for Level 6 options, you have to have completed Level 4 requirements. There are two ways to achieve level 6:

Option 1: Consultation

Option 2: Live Online Courses


Option 1: FTF Train the Trainer Consultation Package

FTF offers a Train the Trainer consultation package in which we aim to increase capacity of BCBAs and related personnel to teach and supervise others to routinely implement practical functional assessment processes and skill-based treatment for severe problem behaviors within our three-step process. Upon completion, this process has the potential to train up to three professionals at Level 6, nine at Level 5 , and nine at Level 3.

If you are not sure what process or consultation package best suits your needs, don’t worry, we will figure it out together. An FTF consultant will contact you to collaboratively design a training and consultation package to help you achieve your goals. Fill out and submit an inquiry form to start the process.

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Option 2: FTF Live Course

FTF offers a PFA-SBT Advanced Course: Advanced Education, Application, Implementation & Supervision (Levels 5-6 Credentialing Included) (click here for a detailed description), which is designed to guide the Level 6 candidate in their indirect coaching and support of new implementers of the PFA-SBT process, including design and implementation of PFA and initial steps of SBT as well as treatment extensions. This course offers Levels 5 and Level 6 credentialing.

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