The Preschool Life Skills (PLS) program is a classroom-based approach to teaching critical social skills to preschoolers to prevent problem behavior from developing or reemerging. These particular social skills were selected because early elementary teachers have identified them as being critical to early school success. The program begins as a class-wide approach to teaching thirteen skills in sequence. The program may then be individualized for small groups of learners of similar abilities.


Consultation in PLS

Building Capacity: Three-Step Process

We build capacity in others to implement the PLS curriculum in classrooms and school districts within a three-step process.

  1. Training
  2. Synchronous Assessment Design and Implementation Support
  3. Asynchronous Treatment Design and Implementation Support

The first step is training and is usually completed via a full-day seminar in which the PLS program is illustrated via interactive lecture and multiple case examples. This is followed by a a full-day workshop in which the focus is practical application and implementation design.

The second step is assessment design and this is provided through synchronous online design, practical application, and implementation support. The FTF Consultant will work with attendees to design class-wide motivational systems, select which life skills to target, select criteria for progressing through the skills, and discuss how to seamlessly integrate this model into the participant’s classrooms.

The third step is asynchronous treatment design and support and involves weekly consultative support via Zoom videoconferencing. An FTF Consultant supports the host organization’s personnel in personnel in implementing the PLS curriculum across class-wide and small group applications.

A more detailed description of the training, assessment and treatment design, and implementation support can be found here.

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