This service focuses on the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior for specific clients. The primary objective is to assist professionals in designing and implementing IISCAs for clients in their care, and to assist professionals in designing and implementing a skill-based treatment derived from the IISCA results.

We strongly suggest that professionals interested in a distance consultation for problem behavior, who have not attended a recent, full-day training on the practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment processes, first review the publications and videos at Doing so will provide important foundational information that will allow the distance consultation to proceed more efficiently and be more likely to yield effective outcomes.

The content and duration of the distance consultation is flexible and can be tailored to each professional’s needs. Typically, it consists of assistance with IISCA design; live coaching or video review of IISCA sessions, with problem-solving assistance as needed; treatment design assistance; and treatment implementation assistance via weekly meetings for video review, problem-solving, and next-steps planning.

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