Balance Program, a home-based, parent-implemented, skill-based approach to preventing the development of severe problem behavior in young children recently diagnosed with autism.

The Balance Program is a proactive approach to teaching young children important communication and coping skills before severe problem behavior has had a chance to become routine. It is manualized in handbooks for professionals and for parents, and it can be implemented by parents, in the home with intermittent support from a trained professional.

Consultation in Balance

Building Capacity: FTF's Balance Consultation and Training Package

At FTF, we train organizational personnel to support parents implementing the balance program in their homes. We also train organizational personnel to support early intervention staff implementing the program in their clinics. Our aim is to build capacity in your personnel to provide support to parent/caregiver implementers. Organizations might use this program in conjunction with comprehensive early intervention services or on its own for families with few service hours or who are on a waitlist for comprehensive services.

We build capacity in others to implement an efficient model of assessment and treatment within a three-step process:

  1. Training
  2. Synchronous Process Design and Analysis Implementation Support
  3. Asynchronous Treatment Implementation Support

The first step is training and is usually completed via the Balance on-demand course, and a synchronous Q&A following the on-demand course.

The second step is designing and preparing for implementation with specific clients and this is provided through synchronous online design and preparation support.

The third step is asynchronous treatment design and support and involves weekly consultative support via Zoom videoconferencing. An FTF Consultant supports the host organization’s personnel with implementation across the program lessons.

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Learn More about Balance
Course/Event/Service Description
On-Demand Course Introduction to the rationale, procedures, and research about the balance program. This course is a pre-requisite to any of our other services.
Balance Design Sessions These application events serve to help the professional design the assessment and treatment portions of the process.
Balance Live Course This course provides additional knowledge and application support for implementing the Balance Program.
Balance Consultation This is a full-support package in which we aim to build capacity in others to implement an efficient skill-based teaching program within our three-step process.

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  • Ruppel, K. W., Hanley, G. P., Landa, R. K., & Rajaraman, A. (2021). An Evaluation of “Balance”: a Home-Based, Parent-Implemented Program Addressing Emerging Problem Behavior. Behavior Analysis in Practice14(2), 324-341.

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