Severe Problem Behavior

We are skilled in building capacity and confidence in others to safely and quickly assess and effectively treat severe problem behavior.

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Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are prevalent among children, especially children with autism, and negatively impact the wellbeing of both the child and their family.

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FTF Consultants are expert in designing effective teaching programs for humanely addressing stereotypy and building capacity in others to do the same.

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Eating Problems

Our approach to assessing and treating eating problems is to provide a relaxed environment in which children are motivated to interact with and eventually eat new and nonpreferred foods.

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Balance Program

We train organizations in the Balance Program, a home-based, parent-implemented, skill-based approach to preventing the development of severe problem behavior in young children recently diagnosed with autism.

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Preschool Life Skills

The Preschool Life Skills (PLS) program is a classroom-based approach to teaching critical social skills to preschoolers to prevent problem behavior from developing or reemerging.

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Tell Us How We Can Help

To help us design an organizational training, provide on-site implementation support for your staff, and schedule follow-up video conferencing, tell us about you, your organization, and your goals.

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