Frederick, Maryland

FTF is pleased to introduce Dr. Patrick Graveline from Maryland, who serves as a Special Education Coordinator and School Psychology Team Supervisor for Washington County Public Schools. It is within this role that Dr. Graveline provides district support and oversight for the Reaching Independence through Structured Environments (RISE) Program, a specialized program designed to address the educational needs of students with multiple acute needs (sensory, executive functioning) as well as the Structured Transition Educational Program (STEP), a specialized program designed to address the educational needs of kindergarten to 2nd-grade students with developmental delays (cognitive delays, behavioral impact). Each program takes place in a classroom within a comprehensive public school, sharing a common goal of supporting students in receiving their education in their least restrictive environment. During the 2021-22 school year, this goal drove Dr. Graveline and his team to seek support from FTF Behavioral Consulting on implementing the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT) of severe problem behavior. As a result, implementation teams reported a significant decrease in the frequency and intensity of severe problem behavior. Students built communication skills and tolerance to frustration while heightening their academic engagement and achievement. Perhaps most importantly, however, less restrictive educational programming increased. In his own words, Dr. Graveline shares:

“One of the interesting results of the PFA-SBT process is the support and encouragement from school administrators and teachers. Now, when a more restrictive educational placement is suggested, school administrators advocate for PFA-SBT before making educational placement changes. Administrators have seen behavioral and academic growth resulting from the PFA-SBT process. It has sparked a mindset shift. They have the assessment and teaching strategies to support students who once demonstrated challenging behaviors, learn new behaviors, and find educational growth.”

Thank you, Dr. Graveline, for your ongoing efforts to help FTF disseminate the values and methods of Today’s ABA and congratulations on your recent Level 4 (Lead Implementation) credentials.

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