Florham Park, New Jersey

Introducing Paige Scott, a devoted professional with a wealth of expertise in Special Education, and FTF’s next Spotlight. Paige holds a Master of Arts in Reading and is a certified Special Education Teacher with a Level 4 PFA-SBT Credential. Her educational journey has led her to Briarwood Elementary School in Florham Park, New Jersey, where she has significantly impacted as a Multiple Disabilities teacher.

Paige was introduced to the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT) in September 2022 when she assumed her role as a self-contained teacher in a multiple disabilities classroom. The approach was presented to her by her then BCBA, who described the process as a transformative intervention focused on teaching from a place of joy while developing essential skills. This was an exciting prospect for Paige, as she had seven years of experience working with students displaying challenging behaviors but had not encountered an approach to behavior intervention that yielded such meaningful outcomes. In April of 2023, she embarked on her PFA-SBT implementation journey with FTF Behavioral Consulting.

Working within a self-contained classroom, Paige meticulously crafted a treatment schedule to meet each student’s recommended dosage of four hours of weekly SBT. Initially, she allocated up to three hours daily to administer SBT across students in her classroom. She used room dividers and “practice time” signs to indicate SBT. Over time, with the collaborative efforts of support implementors, Paige and her team were able to conduct SBT sessions on a rotating schedule, allowing Paige to continue with her other daily responsibilities, such as ensuring that her student’s behavior and academic needs were met both in and outside of SBT. This required exceptional organization among the other staff in the room, and their diligence in executing their students’ SBT treatment plans led to the successful extension of SBT. Now, Paige and her team are proud to share that SBT for their students are not only ongoing in her self-contained classroom but has also been extended to least-restrictive environments, including general education classrooms, both with and without in-class support, and with SBT booster sessions delivered in a more traditional pull-out style method.

Paige shares her perspective: “As a teacher with many daily responsibilities, I would encourage other teachers who are considering SBT within their classrooms to devote as much time as possible to their treatment sessions and collaborate with other professionals in their school to prioritize SBT for students engaging in challenging behaviors. Investing a significant amount of treatment time is an investment in that child’s future, not only as a student but as a community member. SBT has opened many doors for the students I have worked with and has given them something they never had — excitement about coming to school.

If I could communicate one thing about SBT, it would be this: If you want to create a more joyful school experience and foster meaningful skills that will ignite growth in kids as students and as community members, invest in SBT. Through this process, I was able to increase rapport with my students and teach them new skills with safety, even in the face of problem behavior.”

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