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Dr. Shannon Ward has been applying the principles of learning to improve socially important behaviors of children and adolescents with and without disabilities for 16 years.  She began working in the field by providing individualized behavior analytic services and early-intensive behavior intervention to children and adolescents in the home and classroom settings in St. Louis, MO from 2004-2010.  During that time, she attended Saint Louis University where she was degreed in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. She then worked as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher in St. Charles, MO in an intensive academic classroom for students diagnosed with autism. From 2012-2018, Dr. Ward worked at The New England Center for Children on the Intensive Intervention Team where she supported individuals with severe challenging behavior. From 2018-2019, Dr. Ward worked at The New England Center for Children-Abu Dhabi where she conducted applied research on the assessment and treatment of problem behavior with children and adolescents, diagnosed with autism, living in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Ward received her master’s degree in applied behavior analysis and doctoral degree in behavior analysis from Western New England University.

Dr. Ward has conducted research in the areas of assessment and treatment of problem behavior, functional communication training, extension of successful skill-based treatment to caregiver, and on the social validity of assessment and treatment services. Her dissertation research was conducted on the development of specific mands following acquisition of an omnibus mand. She serves as a sub-review committee member for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and a guest reviewer for Behavioral Interventions.

Dr. Ward currently works as a consultant for FTF Behavioral Consulting, the international training and consulting group based in Worcester Massachusetts.  The researcher-practitioners at FTF train and support professionals attempting to create meaningful outcomes from behavior-analytic assessment and treatment processes.

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