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Rachel has provided direct functional analytic and skill-acquisition services in a variety settings, including the Kristin Farmer Autism Center and the Behavior Disorders Clinic at the Child Study Center (an out-patient clinic). After earning her Master’s degree in behavior analysis, Rachel moved to Massachusetts and worked as a BCBA providing in-home services.

Rachel has conducted research analyzing the efficiency and safety of functional analyses and function-based treatment processes. She is currently researching a distance-based training model to directly teach parents of children with autism how to treat their children’s severe problem behavior. Rachel has served on the sub-review committee and as a guest reviewer for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Rachel is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in behavior analysis at Western New England University under Dr. Hanley, where she is focusing on increasing the accessibility and acceptability of functional analytic services and on optimizing outcomes for clients who experience these services.

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