Senior Consultant/Director of Research

Dr. Ghaemmaghami’s work over the past 15 years has focused on ways to improve the overall effectiveness, feasibility, and acceptability of behavior analytic procedures in practice. As a board-certified behavior analyst, Dr. Ghaemmaghami has consulted to a range of professional organizations, schools, and families, in various jurisdictions and settings including general and special education classrooms, outpatient clinics, homes, residential, community, and vocational settings, on issues related to severe problem behavior, comprehensive curriculum design, sleep-related problem behavior, and selective eating. Dr. Ghaemmaghami received a Master of Applied Disability Studies with an ABA specialization from Brock University, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from Western New England University under the supervision of Dr. Hanley.  She subsequently served as an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pacific, advising master’s level students in ABA, before joining FTF Behavioral Consulting as the Clinical Director and Senior Consultant.

Dr. Ghaemmaghami has published articles in peer-reviewed journals related to assessment and treatment of problem behavior and has presented at various national and international conferences on ways to design and enhance the effectiveness of behavior analytic assessment and treatment procedures. In particular, Dr. Ghaemmaghami’s research has focused on effective and acceptable ways to build a repertoire of tolerance for interruptions to reinforcement that rely on differential reinforcement of skills including appropriate and functional communication, toleration, and cooperation in complex social contexts. Prior to starting her studies at Western New England, Dr. Ghaemmaghami was the Clinical Supervisor in charge of the implementation and evaluation of the Provincial Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program for children with autism in Northern Ontario, Canada. This experience provided her with an appreciation for issues surrounding successful transition of treatment across settings and has inspired her interest in maximizing practicality, social acceptability, safety, and generality of treatment procedures and effects in order to enhance their real-life implementation and effectiveness.

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