Lyubov is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She received her Masters degree in Education from Moscow State Pedagogical University. At the start of her career Lyubov was a special education teacher and speech and language pathologist in a Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP) in Moscow for students with developmental disabilities and rare genetic syndromes. She also served as an SLP in Early Intervention. After obtaining a BCBA certificate in 2015 she implemented and supervised in-home ABA programming, as well as provided consultations to families and supervision to Russian-speaking professionals seeking certification in behavior analysis from all over Europe. In 2016 Lyubov developed the first Russian ESDM project in Early Intervention Institute, St. Petersburg.

Lyubov has translated and/or edited literature and materials related to Applied Behavior Analysis. She participated in various translational projects including a translation of several FTF courses, including 10-hours PFA/SBT by Gregory Hanley, A work in Progress by Ron Leaf, et al., and ESDM Handbook by Sally J. Rogers, et al.

Currently, serving as a lecturer at an ABA course sequence provided in Russian by Yulia Erz, Lyubov continues to be involved in building the capacity of Russian speaking practitioners all over the world to provide high quality, compassionate, and trauma-assumed behavioral services. She presents at international conferences and disseminates the knowledge via different workshops. Her clinical work is focused on helping families with children engaging in severe problem behavior or non-cooperation by providing a PFA/SBT approach. Lyubov works to make life for families with children with ASD as happy, relaxed and engaged as it could possibly be.

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