Lead Consultant

Kara has been working to make meaningful differences in the lives of children for over 8 years.  Kara started her career providing direct care in public school settings before transitioning into home- and clinic-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.  She received her training at The Autism Community Therapists (TACT) while obtaining her Masters degree from Endicott College.  Kara is currently pursuing her doctorate in behavior analysis at Western New England University under the advisement of Dr. Hanley.

Kara has presented at various conferences on topics such as assessment and treatment of problem behavior in both the home and community, assessment and treatment of perseveration, teaching imaginary play via video modeling, and the role of analysis in meaningful treatment.

Kara currently works as the Director of Early Intervention at The Autism Community Therapists (TACT) in Acton, Massachusetts and as a consultant for FTF Behavioral Consulting in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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