Associate Consultant

Edward Sidley is an associate consultant at FTF and a board certified behavior analyst at SEARCH Day Program; a private, non-profit twelve month school serving individuals with autism ages 3-21. Ed has worked in the field of applied behavior analysis for 12 years in a variety of settings including schools, clinics and homes. He earned an MA in Applied Behavior Analysis and certificates in Autism and ABA from Ball State University.

At SEARCH, Ed is part of a team that has worked closely with Dr. Hanley and Dr. Ruppel in scaling up the PFA/SBT process from a pilot program in April 2019 to its current school-wide implementation, and now also includes parent training for the generalization of skills into students’ homes. In addition, Ed’s responsibilities at SEARCH include the supervision of RBTs, heading the school’s student vocational work program, and consultation for students both in the classroom and home settings. The focus of Ed’s work is to use evidence-based treatments to improve students’ communicative skills while eliminating severe problem behavior. Ed places a strong emphasis on safety, the building of trust and rapport, and performance-based decision making during the PFA and SBT process.

Ed is very passionate about helping people connect and build capacity to implement these safe and effective processes in their own practice. He serves as an admin of the Facebook group, PFA and SBT Community: My Way to HRE, and frequently participates in online presentations and discussions with the goal of helping others achieve socially significant and meaningful outcomes in their schools and agencies.

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