Ana Mendez-Vides is a Guatemalan Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Belonging to the inaugural cohort of Universidad del Istmo’s Master in Applied Behavior Analysis and Research, she obtained concurrent Master’s degrees, fulfilling the prerequisites to qualify for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst ┬«️ exam in 2020.

She started her career 15 years ago, working with children with a wide range of developmental delays and autism. She implemented ABA programming while benefiting from remote supervision.

Ana is the co-founder and clinical director of ABA Guatemala, an early intervention private practice. Her role encompasses supervising clinical processes, delivering parental and teacher training, overseeing social groups, and leading staff training and continuing education efforts.

Over the past few years, Ana and her partners have guided their team to create safe, compassionate, and effective approaches for addressing severe problem behavior through PFA/SBT.

Ana’s dedication extends to empowering educators and families in Guatemala’s remote areas through training initiatives. ┬áHer goal is to broaden access to compassionate, values-based ABA services for a larger number of families in Guatemala and Latin America.

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