Mila Zea holds the role of Regional Clinical Manager at Building Blocks Behavior Consultants (B.C.), located in Sacramento, California. In this capacity, Mila oversees the clinical and operational teams, ensuring the effective delivery of behavioral health services. Her objective is to establish internal frameworks encompassing assessment, implementation, fidelity, and decision-making to provide accessible behavioral health services to all learners in need.

In 2015, Mila Zea attended a presentation at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, Dr. Hanley issued a call to action for all Behavior Analysts to harness the tools afforded by their scientific discipline, including functional assessment procedures, to better serve the clients in their care. This initial exposure introduced Mila to early iterations of the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT), inspiring her and her team at Building Blocks B.C. to integrate these procedures into their practice.

However, 2019 posed challenges for her team, involving assessment and implementation hurdles. This circumstance led them to complete the 10-hour on-demand presentation by Dr. Hanley. During this period, they recognized a need for guidance and coaching from FTF to ensure the effectiveness of their interventions. Mila took the initiative to forge a partnership with FTF, resulting in a transformative shift in the culture at Building Blocks B.C.

“A pivotal moment arrived when my clinical team experienced a 12-week support process, with consultation from Catherine Jessel, dedicated to implementing PFA-SBT across three learners. The outcomes were nothing short of remarkable, fueling a strong ambition to refine our expertise further in the Universal Protocol. Hence, our collaboration with FTF endured, extending to regular consultations led by Dr. Mahshid Ghaemmaghami. These sessions delved deeper into the nuances of providing compassionate care outside of our client’s dedicated SBT practice sessions. This phase of our journey drove my team and me to explore our clients’ needs deeper, with a pronounced emphasis on fostering meaningful therapeutic relationships. This involved careful analysis of client reinforcers and behavioral and emotional responses across stimuli, including our interactions and presence throughout their day. Our engagement with FTF’s training enlightened us on the profound importance of customizing the application of PFA-SBT and Universal Protocols to each individual’s distinctive traits and idiosyncrasies.”

Approaching the two-year mark of collaboration with FTF, Mila’s leadership and Building Blocks B.C.’s dedication to continuous learning and advancement remains. Presently, their organization features a dedicated team of five PFA-SBT credentialed staff members, spanning credentialing levels from Level 1 to Level 5, actively engaged in ongoing training endeavors.

“Our partnership with FTF has transformed the culture and services within our organization, concurrently elevating the clinical proficiencies of our staff. The privilege of cultivating connections with various FTF clinicians has further enriched our experience, as they readily provide insights and clarity on implementation practices.”

FTF is delighted to shine a spotlight on Mila and her outstanding leadership activities. Her dedication and passionate advocacy for compassionate care resonate deeply within our community. Thank you, Mila, for your remarkable commitment.

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