Menna Mahrous is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Masters Degree in Psychology and is also certified in administering a variety of Psychological Assessments. Menna started her career 20 years ago in Cairo, Egypt working with children with Learning Disabilities and with a wide range of developmental delays and Autism. She moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2017 for 4 years to continue her passion of learning about ABA, and moved back to Cairo, Egypt in 2021. She started her own company Progressive Behavior Services, which is currently the Largest Center that provides ABA services to children in center, home and schools around Cairo, Egypt. She is skilled at using an ABA approach with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior. She has worked with children in schools and daycares to help integrate ABA in the child’s natural environment and has worked intensively with parents on training and the development of behavioral protocols. Programs also focus on appropriate skills for each child’s specific needs and functional skills to improve overall quality of life.



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