Independently design and directly implement the process with a client through intermittent supervision of a credentialed supervisor.

Requirements: As of January 1, 2019, while supported by an FTF consultant, successfully met or exceeded the following requirements as a lead implementor:

  1. Engaged in a minimum of 8 weeks of case conceptualization including, conducting the open-ended interview, drafting IISCA and SBT plans, ongoing management of stakeholder questions and concerns, and ensuring a minimum of 4 hours of SBT practice implemented with integrity, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in FTF’s Do’s and Don’ts checklist, each week.
  2. Maintained weekly SBT meetings as a spokesperson and consistently provided the following materials for regular review on a weekly basis across a minimum of 8 weeks:
  • SBT data sheets or graphs
  • Weekly SBT Meeting Notes/Form, offering a comprehensive overview of successes and weekly wins, challenges, proposed solutions, and plans for the upcoming week.
  • Video captures (e.g., FCT, CAB1, etc.)

(In cases where treatment dosage was distributed between the lead and support implementor, the lead implementor contributed 30% – 100% to SBT practice demonstrated through the regular submission of video capture).

What to submit with your application:

  1. Level 1 evidence
  2. Completed PFA-SBT Workbook
  3. Weekly SBT meeting forms documenting at least 8 weeks of lead implementation
  4. FTF Level 4 verification letter, OR
  5. FTF Level 4 verification letter for indirect support via FTF’s Train the Trainer Model

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