Design and directly implement the process under the supervision of a credentialed supervisor.

Requirements: As of January 1, 2019, while supported by an FTF consultant, actively and routinely participated in one or more case consultation processes as secondary collaborator, as indicated by at least one of the following:

Admin/Clinical Leader Role: Attends at least 8 weeks of meetings between lead implementers and FTF Consultant, with evidence of full attention on the meeting (i.e., camera on, not in car or public place, not multitasking), addresses organizational barriers that arise (e.g., locates resources, adjusts schedules to allow for sessions to be run, grants special permissions as needed), and ensures lead implementers are prepared for meetings with video, data, and notes. [This is for people who are in a leadership position such that they are able to marshal resources, address barriers, ensure preparation, etc. It is not for anyone who wants to sit in on meetings.]

Support Implementation Role: Implements at least 30% of SBT practice sessions, and implementation is in accordance with guidelines on do’s and don’ts checklist. This contribution is demonstrated through video submissions over a minimum of 8 weeks.

Session Support Role: Assists lead during at least 30% of SBT practice sessions, such as by collecting data or participating in the synthesized reinforcement context, as demonstrated through video submissions over a minimum of 8 weeks.

What to submit with your application:

  1. Level 1 evidence
  2. Completed PFA-SBT Workbook
  3. Weekly SBT meeting forms documenting at least 8 weeks of support implementation.
  4. FTF Level 3 verification letter, OR
  5. FTF Level 3 verification letter for indirect support via FTF’s Train the Trainer Model

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