Design and implement an assessment and treatment plan for a client with guidance and direct supervision from a credentialed supervisor.

Requirements: As of January 1, 2019, or later, completed application exercises for at least one client in a design session with an FTF consultant (i.e., consultation, PFA-SBT Live Course, PFA-SBT Design Session).

What to submit with your application:

  • Level 1 evidence
  • Certificate of completion for one of the following:
    • PFA-SBT virtual course presented by FTF, or
    • PFA-SBT virtual design session presented by FTF, or
    • PFA-SBT 2-day Workshop presented by FTF, or
    • FTF Level 2 verification letter
  • Detailed completion of assessment and treatment design (i.e., completed PFA-SBT workbook)

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