Michelle Schmidt

Surrey School District

In September of 2022, we spotlighted Dr. Michelle Schmidt. Dr. Michelle Schmidt, the director of instruction, led the collaborative effort in the Surrey School District and FTF Behavioral Consulting.

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Jessica Venaas

Full Circle Pediatric Solutions

In August of 2022, we spotlighted Jessica Venaas. As a clinical supervisor for Full Circle Pediatric Solutions, Jessica shares her wealth of education and application experience concerning the PFA and SBT of severe problem behavior with that of her team and colleagues.

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Kendra Schultz

Elevation Ability Services

In July of 2022, we spotlighted Kendra Schultz. Kendra received her Level 6 supervision credentials while working for Elevation Ability Services (EAS), an organization specializing in early intervention, facility school and day treatment programs, and behavioral consultive services.

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