Theresa Zano-McMillan


In February 2024, we spotlighted Theresa Zano-McMillan, an accomplished Environmental Engineer, an invaluable member of the Autism Society Tidewater Affiliate Executive Board, and a dedicated Virginia Medicaid Mentor.

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Paige Scott

Special Education Teacher

In January 2024, we spotlighted Page Scott, a devoted professional with a wealth of expertise in the field of Special Education.

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Will Martin

ESDM Certified Therapist & Apprentice Trainer

In November 2023, we spotlighted Will Martin, a distinguished expert in early intervention and behavior analysis.

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Emily Esparza

Autism Coach for Local & Regional Programs

In November 2023, we spotlighted Emily Esparza, a dedicated Autism Coach for Local & Regional Programs at Kent ISD, an educational service agency.

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Emely Suazo

Owner and Clinical Director

In September 2023, we spotlighted Emely Suazo, the owner and Clinical Director at ABA STEPS, LLC.

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Paul Doher

National Directory of Clinical Quality

In September 2023, we spotlighted Paul Doher, the National Director of Clinical Quality at Acorn Health.

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Mila Zea

Regional Clinical Manager

In August of 2023, we spotlighted Mila Zea. Mila Zea holds the role of Regional Clinical Manager at Building Blocks Behavior Consultants (B.C.), located in Sacramento, California.

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Natalia Polikarpova

Independent Practitioner

In July of 2023, we spotlighted Natalia Polikarpova. Natalia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and International Behavior Analyst (IBA) in Moscow, Russia

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Nataliia Butuzova

Independent Practitioner

In July of 2023, we spotlighted Nataliia Butuzova. Nataliia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in Moscow, Russia

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Julie Everhart-Sherwood

Olentangy Local School District

In June of 2023, we spotlighted Julie Everhart-Sherwood. Julie is a Behavior Specialist at Olentangy Local School District.

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Betsy Marquez

BAYADA Behavioral Health

In June of 2023, we spotlighted Betsy Marquez. Betsy is a Behavior Analyst II at BAYADA Behavioral Health.

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Tammie Teague

Guidance Center of Lea County

In May of 2023, we spotlighted Tammie Teague. Tammie is the Director of Autism Services at the Guidance Center of Lea County.

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Floriana Canniello

Behavior Analytic Services

In March of 2023, we spotlighted Dr. Floriana Canniello. Dr. Canniello is the Founder, CEO, and Clinical Supervisor of Behavior Analytic Services.

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Patrick Graveline

Washington County Public Schools

In February of 2023, we spotlighted Dr. Patrick Graveline. Dr. Graveline serves as a Special Education Coordinator and School Psychology Team Supervisor for Washington County Public Schools.

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Kelti Owens

Acorn Health

In January of 2023, we spotlighted Kelti Owens. Kelti Owens serves as the Regional Director of Operations for Tennessee at Acorn Health, an accredited Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® .

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Michelle Schmidt

Surrey School District

In September of 2022, we spotlighted Dr. Michelle Schmidt. Dr. Michelle Schmidt, the director of instruction, led the collaborative effort in the Surrey School District and FTF Behavioral Consulting.

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Jessica Venaas

Full Circle Pediatric Solutions

In August of 2022, we spotlighted Jessica Venaas. As a clinical supervisor for Full Circle Pediatric Solutions, Jessica shares her wealth of education and application experience concerning the PFA and SBT of severe problem behavior with that of her team and colleagues.

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Kendra Schultz

Elevation Ability Services

In July of 2022, we spotlighted Kendra Schultz. Kendra received her Level 6 supervision credentials while working for Elevation Ability Services (EAS), an organization specializing in early intervention, facility school and day treatment programs, and behavioral consultive services.

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