Please join us in honoring Dr. Floriana Canniello, a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and BCBA, as we spotlight her leadership activities and dissemination efforts with respect to PFA/SBT.

Dr. Canniello is the Founder, CEO, and Clinical Supervisor of Behavior Analytic Services. She manages a clinic in Rome, Italy and is head of the Department of Applied Research and Clinical Intervention on Assessment and Treatment of Severe Problem Behaviors at the Neapolisanit Rehabilitation Center in Ottaviano, Italy. For over 15 years, her career has focused on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating severe problem behavior. Regarding her roles, she shares:

“To maximally benefit our clients, we must be flexible, ecologically relevant, empathetic, and compassionate in our applications of behavior science.”

Dr. Canniello is passionate in her efforts to disseminate the values and methods of Today’s ABA. In 2018, she received training from Dr. Hanley on the implementation of PFA/SBT. In 2021, she received her Level 6 Supervision credentials, verifying her qualifications to train and supervise others in the PFA/SBT processes.

“I’m thankful for the day I met Dr. Hanley. He taught me about Today’s ABA. I have since grown to understand that ABA doesn’t have to be micro-analytical to do good for my patients. It is more important to understand my patients’ hearts, motivations, desires, and rights. Values above procedures, always!”

In 2022, Dr. Canniello and her colleagues Salvatore Vita, Jessica Peluso, and Elena Clò translated FTF’s PFA/SBT on-demand course into Italian. Also in 2022, Dr. Canniello helped co-author “A New Adaptation of the Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis (IISCA): The Performance-based IISCA,” which was published in the European Journal of Behavior Analysis. Thank you, Dr. Canniello, for your dissemination efforts.







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