PFA-SBT Intermediate Design Session

Hosted by:  FTF Behavioral Consulting, Inc. Application Support: Senior and Lead Consultants CEUs: 5 BACB CEUs (5 General) Synchronous Events FTF’s Intermediate PFA-SBT Design Session Designing CAB Branches informed by the IISCA (i.e., CAB3-6) Description: These sessions are for professionals who have already completed the 10-hr On-Demand CEU training presented by Dr. Hanley on PFA-SBT […]

PFA-SBT Advanced Virtual Design Session (Generalization and Maintenance) (Level 5)

Hosted by: FTF Behavioral Consulting, Inc. Q&A Presenter: FTF Senior Consultant Application Support: FTF’s Senior and Lead Consultants CEUs: 4 General BACB CEUs Credentialing: Level 5, Advanced Application and Education Credentials Date: June 21, 2024 Time: 10 am EST to 3 pm EST FTF’s Advanced SBT Design Session Planning for generalization and maintenance (i.e., CAB6 and beyond) […]

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