PFA-SBT Advanced Q&A and Virtual Design Session (Generalization and Maintenance)

These sessions are for professionals ready to begin planning for post-CAB6 treatment extension—e.g., to additional implementers and settings and for more extended periods. Professionals should have already completed Dr. Hanley's 10-hr on-demand PFA/SBT training, the 12-hr PFA-SBT Implementor course, and the 1-hr On-Demand CEU training presented by Dr. Ruppel on Skill-Based Treatment Extension: Generalization and Maintenance. Attendees […]

Stereotypy Q&A and Virtual Design Session May 26, 2023

These sessions are for professionals who have already completed both the 10-hr on-demand PFA/SBT training AND the 3-hr on-demand training on Stereotypy by Dr. Hanley, and are ready to design a Stereotypy Assessment and SBT plan for a client in their care. These sessions will be conducted via zoom, and will include a 1-hr Q&A with Dr. […]

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