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    1. PFA-SBT Intermediate Design Session (Level 2)
    2. PFA-SBT Advanced Virtual Design Session (Generalization and Maintenance) (Level 5)
    3. Balance Virtual Design Session
    4. Stereotypy Virtual Design Session
    5. Assessment and Treatment of Food Selectivity Design Session
    6. Universal Protocol Design Session
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Events Offering Schedule and Registration for 2024

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Spring 2024

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Fall 2024

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Winter 2025

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Event Descriptions

PFA-SBT Intermediate Design Session

These sessions are for professionals who have already completed the 10-hr On-Demand CEU training presented by Dr. Hanley on PFA-SBT OR the 12-hr On-Demand CEU Training on PFA-SBT for Implementors presented by Drs. Hanley, Ruppel, and Cammilleri, have designed and implemented an IISCA for a client in their care and are ready to design an SBT CAB Branch up to CAB6.

FTF Credentialing: n/a

Total CEUs Available: 5 BACB CEUs (General)

Synchronous Events:

  • Intermediate PFA-SBT Design Session
    • Design SBT CAB Branches up to CAB6
    • Earn 5 BACB CEUs (General)

Pre-requisites & Requirements:

  • Minimum of Level 2 Credentials OR certificate of completion for the education and application components of the PFA-SBT Process (i.e., PFA-SBT on-demand course and FTF Introductory Design Session).
  • A completed PFA for at least one client.
  • Active participation, including workbook sharing via Zoom Group Chat.

For further information, such as schedule, agenda, and registration, kindly select an option below that aligns with your availability. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Upcoming PFA-SBT Intermediate Design Sessions:

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PFA-SBT Advanced Virtual Design Session (Generalization and Maintenance) (Level 5)

FTF Behavioral Consulting invites advanced professionals to deepen their expertise in SBT with a specialized focus on planning for the long-term success of their interventions.

Earn 4 General BACB CEUs | Achieve Advanced Application and Education Credentials

📅 Synchronous Learning:

Why This Session?

  • It’s tailored for professionals poised to advance beyond CAB6, applying SBT to a broader range of contexts and for longer-term maintenance.
  • Delivered by our experienced FTF Senior and Lead Consultants, this session is an opportunity for skill expansion and precision in treatment planning.

What You Will Gain:

  • Strategies for identifying and tailoring generalization contexts.
  • Techniques to refine and reach the end goals of treatment for each client.
  • Guidance on sequencing treatment steps and planning additional skill teaching.
  • Insights on aligning treatment extensions with client and family priorities through backward design.

Who Should Enroll:

Professionals who have:

  • Level 2* credentials in PFA-SBT.
  • Completed prerequisite on-demand SBT Generalization course.
  • Initiated SBT treatment for a client, ideally up to CAB 5.
  • Prepared to engage in group workbook activities and discussions.

*Level 2 credentialing or completion certificate required.

CEUs & Credentialing:

  • Completing the design session earns you 4 General BACB CEUs.
  • May fulfill criteria for Level 5 credentials in advanced education and application.

Additional Support:

  • Receive the latest implementation support materials.
  • Option to arrange individual follow-up consultations.

Secure your place in the Advanced Design Session – Spaces are intentionally limited for a focused and personalized learning experience.

For further details or queries, reach out to Alexandra Beckwith at

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Balance Virtual Design Session

The Balance Virtual Design Session hosted by FTF Behavioral Consulting for practitioners ready to personalize intervention strategies.

Earn 4 General BACB CEUs

📅 Synchronous Learning:

Who Should Attend?

This session is ideal for professionals who have completed the Balance Program training and are looking to:

  • Extract: Identify crucial information from interviews.
  • Customize: Tailor a baseline assessment plan.
  • Strategize: Use backward design to align the assessment plan with specific treatment goals.

What Will You Achieve?

Participants will conclude the session with a program plan for a client, ready for implementation. This session offers hands-on support and encourages proactive problem-solving.

Additional Support:

While the session is designed for collaboration and collective learning, we understand that some situations may require more in-depth, one-on-one support. For complex cases, we offer the option of individualized consultation.

Register for the Design Session and solidify your skill in creating tailored interventions.

Questions or need more information? Please contact us at

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Stereotypy Virtual Design Session

FTF Behavioral Consulting, Inc. brings you a focused virtual design session, dedicated to professionals seeking to enhance their approach to treating stereotypy.

Available CEUs: 4 BACB CEUs (4 General)

Who Is This Session For?

Professionals prepared to apply their knowledge from:

  • The 10-hour on-demand PFA/SBT course
  • The 3-hour on-demand training on Stereotypy by Dr. Hanley

📅 Synchronous Learning:

Join us for the Stereotypy design session:

  • Identify unique reinforcement contingencies related to stereotypy.
  • Create safe and personalized stereotypy analysis based on detailed interviews.
  • Develop initial steps of a skill-based treatment that not only manages stereotypy but also promotes development in other critical areas.

Your Takeaway:

End the session with a Stereotypy Assessment and SBT plan for your client, alongside earning 4 General BACB CEUs.

Need Specialized Support?

For complex cases or specific inquiries, one-on-one consultations are available to address your unique professional challenges.

Sign Up for the Design Session and contribute to a meaningful change in your approach to stereotypy.

Any questions before you register? Please get in touch with us at

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Assessment and Treatment of Food Selectivity Design Session

FTF Behavioral Consulting is proud to offer a specialized virtual design session focused on enhancing professional skills in assessing and treating food selectivity.

Earn 4 BACB CEUs (4 General)

Who Should Attend?

This session is designed for professionals who have successfully completed the 7-CEU Treating Food Selectivity Without Tears on-demand course. It is also recommended that participants have familiarity with PFA/SBT concepts, ideally through our 10-CEU courses.

📅 Synchronous Learning:

Design Session:

Participants will engage in intensive planning to develop an effective assessment and treatment plan for clients with food selectivity issues. This includes:

  • Extracting Information: Learning how to pull meaningful data from open-ended interviews and other diagnostic tools.
  • Designing Analyses: Developing safe and effective food preference and functional analyses.
  • Planning Treatment: Outlining initial treatment steps, particularly the bite shaping phase, tailored to individual client needs.

This session is suited for clients who:

  • Consume all calories orally and meet nutritional requirements.
  • Can chew and swallow table-texture foods.
  • Have been medically cleared for behavioral intervention (without a medical explanation for eating problems).

Requirements for Participation:

  • Complete all prerequisite on-demand content.
  • Successfully prepare with the Selective Eating Screening Tool, Food Preference Survey, and an Open-Ended Interview for your client.

CEUs and Certification:

Successful completion of the design session will yield 4 General BACB CEUs. While group interaction is encouraged, cases with complex variables may benefit from a follow-up personal consultation.

Sign Up Now for the Food Selectivity Design Session.

For more details or specific inquiries, please contact us at

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Universal Protocol Design Session

Join FTF Behavioral Consulting for an exclusive design session aimed at refining your ability to implement the Universal Protocol in your practice, ensuring safety, dignity, and joy in client interactions.

Earn 4 BACB CEUs (4 General)

Who Should Attend?

This session is specifically designed for professionals who have successfully completed the Universal Protocol on-demand CEU by Dr. Hanley and Dr. Ruppel. Those who have not yet completed the prerequisite course are encouraged to register for the Universal Protocol Bundle, which includes the necessary coursework plus this design session.

📅 Synchronous Learning:

Participants will be guided through the process of:

  • Customizing the Universal Protocol: Tailor it to meet the specific needs of your client.
  • Developing Implementation Tools: Craft an implementation integrity checklist personalized for your client.
  • Establishing Metrics: Set up data collection systems to track the protocol’s effectiveness based on critical client and team variables.

Additional Support:

While the session fosters a collaborative environment, we recognize that some cases may involve complexities that require individual consultation. We encourage reaching out for personalized support if needed.

Certification and CEUs:

Complete the session successfully and earn 4 General BACB CEUs. Participants must have completed the required on-demand CEU course to fully benefit from this session and to receive certification.

Register now for the Universal Protocol Design Session and enhance your skills in creating protocols centered around the core values of safety, dignity, and joy.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please contact us at

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Event Feedback

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