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These sessions are for professionals who have already completed the 10-hr on-demand PFA/SBT training by Dr. Hanley or the 12-hr on-demand Implementor course, and are ready to design a PFA and SBT plan for a client in their care.

Note. If you have not yet completed these courses, it may be more appropriate to sign up for the Introductory Comprehensive PFA-SBT Workshop: Education and Application which includes the necessary course work and design sessions.

These sessions will be conducted via zoom, and will include a 1-hr Q&A with Dr. Hanley followed by a 3-hr PFA/SBT design session with one of our lead consultants in a small group. This is an additional capacity-building opportunity with one of our doctoral-level BCBA consultants, which will largely focus on:

  • Learning to extract unique synthesized reinforcement contingencies from interviews
  • Designing safe and effective functional analyses from the interviews
  • Designing the initial steps of a skill-based treatment informed by the results of the practical functional assessment process and the terminal goals of treatment for a client.

The focus of these sessions will be on the foundations of identifying individualized reinforcement and evocative contexts for a learner. Your consultant will guide you to use a backward design in your analysis that is informed by the terminal goals of treatment for your client. While individual questions and problem-solving is encouraged, very unique cases may be better addressed via an individualized consultation.

Schedule for December 9th 2022:

  • Design Session:
    • Q&A Session with Dr. Hanley: 10:30-11:30 AM EST
    • Design Session with FTF Consultant: 12:00 PM -3:00 PM EST

Successful completion of the design session will yield 3 BACB CEUs (1 General, 1 Supervision, 1 Ethics).


Dec 9, 2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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