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This course is appropriate for professionals who are new to the PFA and SBT process as well as those who already use it in their daily practice but would a supervised experience in their application of the process with a specific client. This course can be taken individually or in a dyad (lead and support implementers).

The only pre-requisite for taking the course is having a client that will consent to participation (i.e., videos of implementation to be shared in class) in this applied course, no prior education or application required. The course is designed to guide the lead implementer (and the support in the dyad) in their application of the process for one of their clients from case conceptualization through implementation of initial SBT CAB branches.

This course will consist of a of 32 hours of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, including 8 hours of pre-recorded video instruction presented by Dr. Greg Hanley, weekly interactive lectures and review of case-specific SBT implementation and troubleshooting. Attendance in live classes and completion of on-demand content will yield 18 Type 2 BACB continuing education credits. Three of the credit hours will be dedicated to ethics and four will be dedicated to supervision.  Attendance in live classes and presentation of implementation progress are necessary to achieve Level 4 (lead implementer) and Level 3 (support implementer in a dyad must also attend all classes) credentials. Credentialing fee for lead and support implementers are included in the price.

All classes will be conducted via video conferencing software (i.e., Zoom), which is free to download and use.  Dropbox will be used to share and upload weekly implementation content.

Course Offering and Schedule

PFA-SBT IntroDr. Anthony CammilleriThursdays3-5 PM ESTJanuary/April 2022Class Ended
PFA-SBT IntroDr. Kelsey RuppelTuesdays3-5 PM ESTMarch/July 2022Class Ended
PFA-SBT IntroDr. Theresa FianiWednesdays2-5 PM ESTJanuary/April 2023Registration open


Next Schedule:

On-demand PFA-SBT course (10 hrs/10 CEUs) or Implementor Course (12 hrs/10 CEUs)Dec 15, 2022 - Jan 24, 2023N/A
Class 1* (3 hours): Interviewing Tips, IISCA Design, SBT Design, Reflection Tips:Wed, Jan 25, 20232-5 PM EST
Class 2* (3 hours): IISCA Review and Reflection: Wed, Feb 1, 2023 2-5 PM EST
Classes 3-11 (2.5 hours): Treatment Review (Meeting form, graphs, videos)Wed, Feb 8, 2023
Wed, Feb 15, 2023
Wed, Feb 22, 2023
Wed, March 1, 2023
Wed, March 8, 2023
Wed, March 15, 2023
Wed, March 22, 2023
Wed, March 29, 2023
Wed, April 5, 2023
2-4:30 PM EST

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December 15 @ 2:00 pm
Apr 5, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

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