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FTF’s primary mission is the worldwide dissemination of safe, humane, and effective processes for understanding and treating severe problem behavior. In pursuit of this mission, FTF collaborates with colleagues who share the values of Today’s ABA, are accomplished in its methods, and who have published on those methods. These efforts enable us to reach more practitioners, who in turn, can bring about more meaningful outcomes to more clients in need.


The Expert Reviewer Series aims to bring authors and experts together in an interview format to discuss publications important to the PFA/SBT process.



  • Author – Often the first author of an important publication, but could be a deeper author.
  • Appreciator – An FTF consultant who has achieved meaningful outcomes with the PFA/SBT process and who is particularly familiar with the published methods of the author.
  • Interviewer – An FTF consultant who facilitates conversations with the author and appreciator.


Expert Reviewer SeriesPreview1 BACB CEU/$30
Does Teaching an Omnibus Mand Preclude the Development of Specifying Mands? (1 CEU)

Author, Dr. Shannon Ward; Appreciator, Celia Heyman; Interviewer, Catherine Jessel

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Randomized Controlled Trial of Seminar-Based Training on Accurate and General Implementation of PFAs (1CEU)

Author, Dr. Cory Whelan; Appreciator, Beth Schoolmaster; Interviewer, Catherine Jessel

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On the Occurrence of Dangerous Problem Behavior During Functional Analysis: An Evaluation of 30 Applications (1CEU)

Author, Dr. Joshua Jessel; Appreciator, Dr. Rachel Metras; Interviewer, Catherine Jessel

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Upcoming Articles in the Expert Reviewer Series:

Ghaemmaghami, M., Hanley, G. P., & Jessel, J. (2020). Functional communication training: From efficacy to effectiveness. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis54(1), 122143.

Hanley, G. P., Heal, N. A., Tiger, J. H., & Ingvarsson, E. T. (2007). Evaluation of a classwide teaching program for developing preschool life skills. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis40(2), 277-300.

Hanley, G. P., Jin, C. S., Vanselow, N. R., & Hanratty, L. A. (2014). Producing meaningful improvements in problem behavior of children with autism via synthesized analyses and treatments. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis47(1), 16-36.

Jessel, J., Hanley, G. P., & Ghaemmaghami, M. (2016). A translational evaluation of transitions. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis49(2), 359-376.

Jessel, J., Ingvarsson, E. T., Metras, R., Kirk, H., & Whipple, R. (2018). Achieving socially significant reductions in problem behavior following the interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis: A summary of 25 outpatient applications. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis51(1), 130-157.

Metras, R. L., & Jessel, J. (2021). Adaptations of the interview‐informed synthesized contingency analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, (54)3 877-881.

Rajaraman, A., Austin, J. L., Gover, H. C., Cammilleri, A. P., Donnelly, D. R., & Hanley, G. P. (2021). Toward trauma-informed applications of behavior analysis.

Rajaraman, A., & Hanley, G. P. (2021). Mand compliance as a contingency controlling problem behavior: A systematic review. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis54(1), 103-121.

Rajaraman, A., Hanley, G. P., Gover, H. C., Staubitz, J. L., Staubitz, J. E., Simcoe, K. M., & Metras, R. (2021). Minimizing escalation by treating dangerous problem behavior within an enhanced choice model. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 1-24.

Ruppel, K. W., Hanley, G. P., Landa, R. K., & Rajaraman, A. (2021). An evaluation of “Balance”: A home-based, parent-implemented program addressing emerging problem behavior. Behavior Analysis in Practice14(2), 324-341.

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