Preschool Life Skills: An RTI Curriculum for Preventing Problem Behavior (4 CEUs)

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The Preschool Life Skills (PLS) program is an approach to teaching critical social skills to preschoolers. These particular social skills were selected because they are similar to the functional skills taught following the development of problem behavior and because these are the same skills early elementary teachers have identified as being critical to early school success. The program begins as a class-wide approach to teaching thirteen skills in sequence. The program may then be individualized for learners of different abilities.

The initial evaluation of the program showed that teachers were capable of implementing the program with high integrity, and that problem behavior was reduced by 70% while over a 400% increase was observed in the occurrence of the critical social skills. Since then, the program has been evaluated in peer-reviewed journals by various research groups, implemented in both public and private schools, in both urban and rural settings, in multiple countries, and across the elementary grades with students with and without developmental disabilities.


PLS is a problem behavior prevention curriculum. It is intended for students who are at risk for the development of severe problem behavior. It is not intended for students who already exhibit severe problem behavior.

Objectives: To increase the capacity of Preschool Teachers, Assistant Teachers, BCBAs and related personnel to…

  1. Describe the PLS questionnaire to assess the extent to which students have a repertoire of skills that will help prevent the development of problem behavior.
  2. Describe the PLS curriculum, as well as ways to set-up authentic practice opportunities.
  3. Describe how to make modifications to the introductory lessons and practice opportunities.
  4. Describe how to make modifications to the response expectations to accommodate students with different language abilities.
  5. Describe how to maintain the preschool life skills in new settings and within new activities.
  6. Describe how proper implementation of the PLS Curriculum makes it consistent with a Response to Intervention (RTI) model of teaching.


  1. This course is divided into 9 chapters.
  2. Each chapter presents a video.
  3. If you close your browser before finishing a video, your place in the video will not be saved. Therefore, we recommend that you jot down the timestamp before closing your browser so you can quickly find the spot at which you left off when you return.
  4. After all videos there will be a short quiz.
  5. Many of the quiz questions are in the style of “multiple selection.” That is, there will often be more than one correct answer.
  6. Be sure to check your spelling when composing constructed answers.
  7. 100% correct responding is required before moving to the next chapter.
  8. When all quizzes are successfully completed, you will be asked to complete a feedback survey. At the end of the survey, there will be a certificate code. It is important to copy this code so that it may be used to access your certificate.
  9. After entering your certificate code, you will be presented with a certificate worth 4 BACB learning-type CEUs (4 General, 0 Ethics, and 0 Supervision).
  10. Be sure to check out the “Download Materials” section before the first chapter. It is full of helpful resources for learning and implementing the process.

Chapter Durations and Number of Questions:

Chapter Number Video Time Number of Quiz Questions
1 13:02 5
2 38:04 6
3 05:48 5
4 33:56 3
5 39:31 6
6 17:23 3
7 22:08 4
8 03:01 4
9 16:30 6

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