In our ongoing effort to disseminate safe, dignified, and effective assessment and treatment processes, FTF Behavioral Consulting is pleased to offer online continuing education courses. Our courses are distinguished by several features.

  • We do not simply use a recording of a conference presentation. Our courses are specifically produced for online consumption.
  • Our courses are explicitly designed for content mastery. The experience will not be passive. We will engage you and occasion active responding so you acquire knowledge to improve your practice.
  • Our online courses are taught by licensed, doctoral-level board certified behavior analysts (BCBA-Ds) or BCBAs enrolled in the final year of their doctoral training program. All instructors are experienced practitioners and researchers. Each has directly facilitated meaningful outcomes for children and young adults using PFA-based treatments or prevention curricula and are actively contributing to the peer-reviewed literature on which all FTF training and consulting is based.
  • Our courses are complementary to our core services, not redundant with them. Some more intimately examine a topic, while others offer more breadth on a topic than that provided in our face-to-face trainings. We also offer content that will optimize outcomes for those who are new to these processes and plan to attend a face-to-face training.


These courses will be available in the near future. Stay tuned.

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