Kendra Schultz

FTF Spotlights: Kenra Schultz

This month, we are pleased to spotlight one of FTF’s newest credentialed professionals, Kendra Schultz. Kendra received her Level 6 supervision credentials while working for Elevation Ability Services (EAS), an organization specializing in early intervention, facility school and day treatment programs, and behavioral consultive services. In November 2021, Kendra, with her team at EAS, began receiving consultative support from Dr. Tony Cammilleri. During this time, Kendra learned how to teach and support others in implementing PFA and SBT (FTF’s Train-the-Trainer model). When asked what takeaways she learned from her experience, Kendra replied:

“There is no way to come up with a protocol for every single situation that may evoke severe problem behavior. The best thing you can do as a supervisor is to encourage your therapists, teachers, and paraprofessionals to make decisions based on your organization’s values. Coach them to ask themselves questions based on your organization’s values (e.g., Is what I’m doing maintaining this client/student’s safety? Will it continue to maintain the rapport I’ve built with them? If a parent were watching me, would they feel comfortable with how I’m responding to and supporting their child through this behavior?). Not only does this method of supervision ensure your client/student’s needs are met at any given moment, but it also supports your therapists/teachers/paraprofessionals in becoming strong decision-makers!”

Thank you, Kendra, for your ongoing efforts to help FTF disseminate the values and methods of Today’s ABA.

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