Meet Annette Wragge, the State Coordinator for the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Network, holding a master’s in education and a BCBA since 2014. Annette’s journey in early childhood special education laid the foundation for her unique role. She humorously acknowledges that skills from her preschool teaching days serve her well in managing the many hats that she wears now.

Annette takes on crucial responsibilities, supporting the ASD Network team members in professional development, focusing on evidence-based practices like Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT), and Preschool Life Skills (PLS). Her role extends to planning, coordinating, and delivering regional and statewide training for educators, paraeducators, parents, and community professionals. Serving as a liaison, Annette actively supports the ASD Network team in their collaborative efforts with school districts and individual referrals.

Annette’s involvement in PFA-SBT activities for the ASD Network team demonstrates her commitment to advancing behavioral practices in the state. In 2021, she initiated an opportunity for her team to receive training from FTF. This initial outreach recruited school teams comprising special educators, psychologists, administrators, SLPs, and paraeducators who were willing to implement PFA-SBT with support from an FTF consultant. Annette’s collaboration with FTF didn’t stop there; she facilitated consultation support to enhance the team’s capacity in implementing all aspects of compassionate care, including Balance and PLS. The journey progressed as three members of the team underwent the Train-the-Trainer (Level 6) process, further honing their skills in providing in-person and virtual consultation for multiple teams implementing PFA-SBT. To date, Annette and her team have supported 54 school teams across the state with implementation of PFA-SBT.

When asked about the most valuable lessons learned from her initiatives in providing this type of support across her state, she shares:

“With support, school teams can effectively implement PFA-SBT. They can very effectively bring joy and create relationships and environments that are safe, compassionate, and built on trust and rapport.

It is worth the time and financial commitment to get good at this process! We have been able to celebrate with teams the reality that freedom from problem behavior is possible, and all children with autism are beyond capable of living a life free from severe problem behavior.”

Annette’s dedication to the ASD Network’s mission and her instrumental role in expanding PFA-SBT practices showcase her commitment to creating positive and impactful change in the field. FTF acknowledges Annette’s exceptional efforts and contribution to the advancement of evidence-based practices in Nebraska.



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