Introducing Ali Sweitzer, a dedicated professional holding a Level 6 PFA-SBT credential since the summer of 2023. Ali is affiliated with Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders (NE ASD Network), a pivotal organization committed to providing training and technical assistance to schools and families in Nebraska with children with autism spectrum disorders. As a behavior specialist, Ali offers consultative services to school teams serving students with challenging behavior. She excels in program design, intervention guidance, and providing data-driven decision-making support, significantly contributing to enhancing the capacity of Nebraska schools and promoting appropriate services for students.

When Ali Sweitzer first encountered Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill-Based Treatment (SBT), she worked with a student presenting significant challenges. The school team and Ali were grappling with strategies, feeling defeated despite numerous interventions. After learning about PFA-SBT and initiating implementation with guidance from an FTF consultant, they witnessed remarkable progress within days. That transformative experience motivated Ali to provide PFA-SBT training for more teachers in her state. She shares:

“With an increased interest in our state, I actively support teams with PFA-SBT implementation. My role varies from training staff, designing workbooks with teams, role-playing with staff, and modeling for staff with the student to in-the-ear coaching as teachers implement. Drawing from an invaluable experience my colleagues and I had in a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) cohort with FTF, we’ve adopted the same model when supporting teams across Nebraska.

The transformative journey these students have undertaken is truly remarkable, showcasing the ability of this intervention to enhance essential life skills and overall well-being. Equally impressive is the profound mindset shift among teachers, who have wholeheartedly embraced PFA-SBT and its philosophy. Here are some statements spoken by stakeholders involved in some of the student cases I have supported:

– ‘This is the happiest I have seen my child going to school in over 2 years.’ – Parent

– ‘I am no longer scared to work with the student. My paras are no longer scared to work with the student.’ – Special Education Teacher

– ‘My stress level has gone down.’ – Special Education Teacher

– ‘PFA-SBT revitalized our team.’ – Elementary Principal

– ‘It’s given us an amazing relationship and it has helped set those building blocks for success.’ – Special Education Teacher

– ‘It helps me have a more positive outlook on my school day.’ – Middle School Student

– ‘My behavior is getting better at school, and I like coming to school!’ – Elementary Student

Witnessing this collective dedication and positive change has fueled my enthusiasm to continue supporting school teams, parents, and students in my role with the NE ASD Network.”

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