Level 5 credentialing verifies that you design and implement treatment extensions with guidance and intermittent supervision from a credentialed supervisor.

Requirements for Level 5 credentials include all of the following :

  • Completion of the generalization and maintenance on-demand course
  • 2 other courses relevant to PFA and SBT
  • Completion of a generalization and maintenance design session for at least 1 client.

You can choose to complete these independently or through bundles offered by FTF. Please navigate the lists below to see your options.

Option 1: Register for Level 5 Bundle

The bundle offers all three necessary requirements for achieving Level 5 credentials. Navigate the menu below to view and register for our Level 5 bundles.

Option 2: Independently Complete Requirements

A. Complete Generalization and Maintenance On-Demand Course

Everyone is required to take the generalization and maintenance on-demand course below. It is a prerequisite for Level 5 credentials and for taking the generalization and maintenance synchronous design session.

B. Register and Complete SBT Generalization and Maintenance Design Session

You will need to register and complete a Generalization and Maintenance SBT Design Session.

C. Complete 2 Other On-Demand Courses Relevant to PFA and SBT

You will need to register and complete at least two from the list below.


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