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Providing on-site and distance-based training and support to service organizations, schools, and hospitals to optimize processes and outcomes for children and adolescents diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability who engage in severe problem behavior.



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Dr. Hanley formed FTF Behavioral in early 2019 primarily to fulfill the demand for training in practical functional assessment (PFA) and skill-based treatment procedures.

The company aim is to provide highly effective training and reliable support to professionals attempting to adopt PFA processes in their practice and to organizations attempting to improve outcomes for the children and young adults they serve who engage in severe problem behavior (self-injury, aggression, property destruction) and other behavioral challenges (sleep problems, extreme food selectivity, pervasive disruption and noncompliance, intractable stereotypy).

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The most unique aspects of FTF Behavioral are its employees and process.

FTF Consultants train and support others in implementing safe and humane assessment and treatment processes that have been refined through decades of peer-reviewed research and through hundreds of applications by FTF team members.

FTF trainers and consultants are at the top of their profession. All are licensed, doctoral level board certified behavior analysts (BCBA-Ds). .

FTF trainers and consultants are experienced practitioners. Each has directly facilitated meaningful outcomes for families and teachers of children and young adults using PFA-based treatments.

FTF trainers and consultants are active researchers. Each has contributed to the peer-reviewed evidence base from which all FTF training and consulting is based, and all are actively involved in current research focused on:

  • Optimizing practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment processes
  • Broadening the scope of practice for the practical functional assessment and treatment processes
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