ABAkadabra, in partnership with FTF Behavioral Consulting, developed a skill-based treatment web app. Remember all those datasheets for all those steps across all those CAB branches? Well, it’s time to say good-bye, save a few trees, and harness the power of 21st Century technology.

The ABAkadabra Clinical Platform works seamlessly with the SBT add-on module to help you more efficiently deliver skill-based treatment for severe problem behavior, as well as document progress. This web app will help you get out of the office and spend more time with your clients—those who urgently need your shaping expertise.

The app:

  1. Allows you to build a completely individualized SBT plan including multiple CAB branches.
  2. Allows you to preview the details of the upcoming trial.
  3. Allows to enter performance data including whether each of the steps in the behavior chain were prompted or independent, as well as the occurrence of any R1 or R2 behaviors.
  4. Recalibrates expectations based on performance.
  5. Automatically graphs the data for you.

To learn more, click ABAkadabra SBT web app

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