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What We Do

FTF Behavioral Consulting provides on-site and distance-based training and support to service organizations, schools, and hospitals to optimize processes and outcomes for children and adolescents diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability who engage in severe problem behavior.

Our trainers and consultants are unique in that each is an effective practitioner who has published several studies on practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment processes. Our primary goal is to close the gap between research and practice by actively disseminating safe, humane, and effective processes for understanding and treating severe problem behavior to professionals who can use them.

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We build capacity for organizations to safely address problems of behavior

Severe Problem Behavior

Our aim is to build capacity in your personnel to safely and effectively assess and treat severe problem behavior.

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are prevalent among children. They are, however, highly amenable to treatment.


We emphasize balancing an individual’s freedom to engage in stereotypy with the consultee’s obligations to habilitate.

Eating Problems

We provide a relaxed environment in which children are motivated to interact with new and nonpreferred foods.

Balance Program

We train organizations in preventing severe problem behavior in children recently diagnosed with autism.

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