Gregory Hanley

Owner / Founder / CEO

Dr. Hanley has been applying the principles of learning to improve socially important behaviors of children and adults with and without disabilities for 29 years.

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Anthony Cammilleri

Lead Consultant / Director of Education

Dr. Cammilleri is a Licensed Behavior Analyst, as well as a Licensed Special Education Administrator with a degree from the University of Kansas.

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Mahshid Ghaemmaghami

Lead Consultant / Clinical Director

Dr. Ghaemmaghami’s research has focused on ways to build a repertoire of tolerance for delays and interruptions to reinforcement as well as increasing the complexity and appropriateness of functional communication responses.

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Kelsey Ruppel

Lead Consultant / Director of Operations

Dr. Ruppel has worked in the field for 13 years, beginning as a teaching assistant in a specialized school for students with developmental disabilities.

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Part-time Consultants

Holly Gover

Dr. Holly Gover has been applying the principles of applied behavior analysis with children and adults with and without disabilities for over eight years.

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Shannon Ward

Dr. Shannon Ward has been applying the principles of learning to improve socially important behaviors of children and adolescents with and without disabilities for 15 years.

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Cory Whelan

Cory graduated from The George Washington University with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), and studied applied behavior analysis at UMass Boston.

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Kara LaCroix

Kara has been working to make meaningful differences in the lives of children for over 8 years.

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Joshua Jessel

Dr. Joshua Jessel is a board certified behavior analyst and currently an assistant professor at Queens College in New York City.

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Rachel Metras

Rachel has provided direct functional analytic and skill-acquisition services in a variety settings, including the Kristin Farmer Autism Center and more.

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Matthew Carbone

Matthew Carbone is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a certified teacher in general education and in special education.

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Brendan Miller

Administrative Assistant

Brendan Miller has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for two years. Brendan served as a Behavior Technician at several companies and schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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